Refurbish, Convert and Sell Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have various uses (shops, offices, housing etc.) outside of their intended purpose. Start your own business refurbishing, converting and selling shipping containers.

Getting started
Ideally, you are going to need to get a supply of shipping containers and a piece of land to store them while they are being refurbished, converted and on display for sale. The best place to get shipping containers from is shipping companies/liners when they are going to be replaced. Even though they are no longer being used at sea they are still perfect for other uses. If you cannot get a direct supply at a shipping line you have two options: scour around for second-hand shipping containers in your local classifieds or buy from a company that already is buying from the shipping companies and refurbishing. When you buy from the company that already does the refurbishing you will then just have to do the conversion for whatever purpose the container is going to be used for (house, shop, office etc.). This means stuff like painting a new colour, adding windows, of if it’s being stacked adding a staircase. This will mean less profit but also less work.

Uses for shipping containers (the market)
Shipping containers can be used for:
Shops / tuck shops / spaza shops etc.
Housing: temporary and permanent
Offices: mobile offices, onsite offices

Shipping container shop

Shipping container house

Shipping container basic office

Shipping container nice office

Business model
This business model is buying shipping containers and then refurbishing and converting them for resale. Work out your cost, add a profit markup and resell.

Image credits: iContainersPinterestPort Shipping Containers

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